Spring Unsprung?!?

Well, in typical Colorado fashion, the first day of spring was nice for an afternoon, and then it snowed, or rained- very hard to tell, then it got warmer, but REALLY windy. How’s the weather wherever you are? I hope it’s treating you well.

What is heating up a bit is the gig schedule for the next few weeks. Friday me and the fellas will be headed up to Nederland to get down with our good friends at Very Nice Brewing. What’s that? you live on the Northern Front Range and you HAVEN’T been to Very Nice? You should fix that. Maybe Friday. Bring a bunch of your friends. Get rowdy. Have some fun.

Then April has all kinds of fun- I’ll be solo at The Rock Inn in Estes Park and at Awake in Denver, then at the end of the month the trio will be at Black and Blues in Loveland– again, you haven’t been there? Well you should. Come on out and let us rock your socks off.

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