Jay Stott wrote his first song while working as an Alaskan guide.

Begging his parents for a guitar at 14, he brought music with him on a lot of adventures in the West. The first song, which came while he was riding shotgun in a truck on the Alaskan Highway, started a creative streak that continues today. He landed in Colorado in the early nineties, which is where he’s lived on and off (mostly on) ever since.

Jay’s been a ski instructor, fishing guide, bus driver, brick layer, carpenter, hot tub technician, retail worker, raft guide, janitor, heavy equipment operator, house painter, vacuum cleaner salesperson, airport shuttle driver, bouncer in a strip club, wanna be novelist, newspaper writer, high school teacher, security guard and a bunch of other stuff he can’t remember. When he was a teacher he was known to bring a guitar to class and serenade his students.

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All photos credit- Courtney Nicholsen-Paine

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