Hey- Look Right!!

Seriously, look to your right. Okay, this totally doesn’t work if you’re on your phone or a tablet. But if you’re on a computer reading this, when you look to the right of the page you’ll see stuff. Not just stuff- gigs!

Whoa- live music. Who’da thunk we’d live in a world where that sounded a little foreign and strange. But there are shows on the calendar for the next few months and more coming.

For those of you not on the Colorado Front Range, don’t despair. I’ll be working my way out into Colorado over the next six months. If you’re beyond Colorado- stay tuned for a livestream update. It was so much fun playing on the patio last summer that we will try to do it once or twice more before this summer is over (some good things came out of the pandemic- who knew we had a venue on our own backyard).

One way or another I hope to see you out there this summer!

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