August Update

Howdy Folks,

If you’ve been following along you know I was traveling with the family for all of July- see related posts here and here. In addition to having a great time with the family, I was gathering up a lot of songwriting thought and ideas. I’m looking forward to working on some new songs this fall (are you going to be at SongSchool in August? Hope to see you there!) As much fun as it was, and it was a lot of fun, it’s also great to be home and turning some attention back to playing some shows and finishing a record.

Here are upcoming shows:

Stone Cup in Lyons 8/2 at 10am

The Rock Inn in Estes Park 8/22 at 6pm

La Vita Bella in Longmont 9/11 at 7pm

The Rock Inn in Estes Park 9/19 at 7pm

Jamestown Mercantile in Jamestown 10/2 at 6pm

I’m still working on booking things for the fall, so check in on my website or at Facebook to get updates.

Record wise, we are working on final mixes and mastering right now. As soon as we are done with that we’ll set a release date and get working on setting up a release show.I’m also turning my attention to things like artwork- a whole new arena for me! I’m thinking the release will be late October or early November.

Hope to see you out there!


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