Seriously, what more do you need…

Peter Himmelman leading a conga line at Folks Festival last week should cover it.

A quick aside, I didn’t know Himmelman at all until this weekend, but then I looked him up (because his set was awesome, seriously). He played in two bands I saw back in high school in Minneapolis in the ’80’s- Shangoya, sort of a funk reggae thing, and Sussman Lawrence, a straight up rock band. I didn’t join any sessions which him at song school, and now I’m sorta bummed about that, a mistake I won’t make again.  Funny how everything comes in a circle. And apparently the circle always passes through Minneapolis.

Wednesday the 20th at 7:30 at Oskar Blues. 45 minute set.

Sunday the 24th at 10am at the Stone Cup. Two solid hours of songs.

Looking forward to seeing you there.



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